Running Ronin

Back from Tokyo - Need Shoes

My vacation in Japan is over :(
Above a picture from my visit to Tokyo's Imperial Palace.

Now I need to go back into establishing a routine for running - as the only thing moving decently forward for now is my 100 Push-Ups program. Currently on week 4 and its hard to do +30 push-ups in a row...
Above a picture of Shibuya at dusk.

However, to start running I will need to buy new shoes... I absolutely fried my running shoes during my crazy long walks in Japan. The bottom literally fell off of my Asics. I had them for some time... so it was time to change :)
Above a picture from the gardens in front ot the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Probably the bottom falling off of my shoes was the reason my calves were burning so much after 2 days of non-stop walking.
Above a pic of the Apple store in Shibuya for all the Apple fans.