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Day 2 in Japan - Kamakura, Tokyo Tower and Shibuya

Well I arrived on Day 1 and pretty much passed out...
But the day after I was up at 4 and at Kamakura by 6:45 (the picture above is from the main Kamakura temple). By the way, the only way to have a decent picture when facing directly the sun is if you do the HDR thing (see for a great tutorial).
Walked around the pre-Edo capitol of Japan for a bit, then hit the road and went to Hasedera and later on to the island of Enoshima, from where you can enjoy a view on the Fuji (below).

Did the trek up Enoshima Island and onto the lighthouse. Wonderful peregrine falcons fly all around the lighthouse. Took me a while but I managed to take a shot of one with Fuji-San behind (below).

After heading back to Kamakura for a last walk and a great crepe (the best crepe I ever ate in my whole life) I jumped back on the JR and went to my room, just for a quick shower. Then I headed to the Tokyo Tower, from where I took a huge amount of sunset and by night pictures.

Finally I left and went to Shibuya for dinner. Below is a picture of one of the busiest and hippest squares in the world.

Probably walked some 30/40 miles and I also managed to do a whopping 120 pushups (not in a row, but hey, still good!).

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