Running Ronin

Day 3 in Japan - Tsukiji, Akihabara, and so much else...

Yesterday was day 3 for me in Tokyo, and my feet almost fell off... currently I'm exhausted and writing this post as I recover and get ready to start walking again (in the rain).

After waking up at 4:30 am (in time for the early Tokyo sunrise) I set out for Tsukiji, the fish market, and was there by 5:30. I did the right thing and grabbed a cab in order to be at the market while stuff was still happening. Grab cost me some 1500 yen from Shinjukul, but it took me 10 minutes versus the 30 with the metro and the fact I would have been able to be in Tsukiji only around 6:30 (picture above).

The place move fast, so anybody visiting needs to make sure to get out of the way of those working. Otherwise they might just run you over.

Something I learned today - TUNAS ARE HUGE! I never fished one, never saw a whole one at the market, these things are gargantuan. They use the sawing machine in the picture below to cut them to pieces.

You can even find fresh tuna already cut to sashimi pieces at the market, and just grab a small box and start eating. The tuna I saw cost 1500 yen per meal box. But you are probably better off going to one of the small restaurants next to the market.

KEEP IN MIND - right next to the market there are some 3 or 4 restaurants that are significantly less expensive than the ones in the "shop+restaurant" area of Tsukiji. I had a sushi breakfast at the close by ones (I mean literally 25 yeards from the entrance to the market and in the market's parking lot) and it was DELICIOUS!

Next I took off and went to Akihabara where I had lunch with a friend. And that is when the raining started...

In Electric Town I even saw the actual Gundam Cafe'... would have liked to go there, but there was a never ending line of fellow Otaku before me...

After that the rain became so hard the camera went back into the backpack and I headed up to Omotesando and Harajuku for some shopping. I finally ended up in Shibuya where I had dinner with an friend in a very nice barbecue place called Gengis Khan - really good meat and awesome sake. For 4000 yen it was a deal dinner and superior quality. Plus the place had that right of modern+traditional Japan edge to it. Happy to advertise for the 2 people who might read my blog :)