Running Ronin

Traveling to DC

I'm currently in DC, and today managed to go run for 2 hours. Have no clue of the distance or the pace, but the two hours were under the blazing sun and it felt like a massive amount of run. The run went from Georgetown to the Memorial Areas. Really long run, but extremely beautiful.

Say hello to Abraham Lincoln in the pic above, as today I also finished listening to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter during my run.

Imho, Seth Graham Smith gets 5 stars for this book. I really enjoyed it. The great thing is that you get to learn some American history while you listen to this fictitious Lincoln biography. The Vampire parts are entertaining and (mentally) easy to remove, so you can still learn something from the book.

Also, sometimes we forget how some historic figures were totally awesome. Took me a vampire spoof to remember how cool the namesake of the Lincoln logs was.