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Delta Airlines Sucks

No Running... just complaining...

Dear Delta,
This flight has been my worse in a very long time. I got my ticket with Alitalia and had 2 delta operated flights. One from LAX to JFK, one from JFK to FCO.
Wel...Your low class ticketing systems do not talk with each other. I never managed to get a seat till the last moment. And nobody of your staff knows what is going on!!!
Before the second flight from JFK I was bounced around by Delta representatives for 3 hours. Nobody knew why my ticket was confirmed but unable to get a seat. Finally at terminal 11 at JFK they figured out that there was some screw up between Alitalia and Delta and I had to wait till the last possible moment as my ticket was "re-issued."
At least the guy at terminal 11 was nice, cause then I went over to terminal 7 (where the flight was taking off) with my newly re-issued ticket with a big "seat request" on it and...
...The last "gentleman" in charge of "confirmed tickets" with "seat request" very bluntly told me to "chill cause you're not getting on that plane." And when I asked what other options there were, he ignored me. He ignored every single question.

When I finally managed to get onto the flight at the last second and get to Rome, Delta even lost my luggage. And the delta hotline leaves you on the phone for 40 minutes before answering. Then they send you over to a Roman number (0113906********) where a italian airport employee lets you that she cant do anything and that you called the wrong number. Then you are punted over to another phone number (027*******) where finally somebody is at least polite when they tell you they have no clue where your luggage is.
1) Get some coders to make a better ticketing system so that you and your sky alliance team can *actually* work together.
2)Train your airport staff in manners and in knowing actually what to do. One lady told me I had no seat cause I bought the ticket online and that I should go through an agency. That is how bad your airport staff was...
3)Outsource your luggage hotline to India so people dont have to spend 79% of their vacation waiting on the phone for a Delta rep to finally pick up.
4)Create a better model for overbooking your flights, something created by somebody with a minimum of expertise. Something that actually forecasts the situation. Just selling "number of actual seats plus X%" does not cut it. But... if your model does not work, if your employees are not trained on how to deal with people who are being bent over by your overbooking...I have a suggestion: DONT OVERBOOK YOUR FREAKING FLIGHTS!
5) Try flying on Virgin Atlantic and picking up some pointers on how to manage an airline.

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