Running Ronin

Back on Track not in Vancouver

Finally back on track, somewhat. Smoking is still steady... but I'm on back on week 5 of my 100 pushup program and can now manage 75 pushups in a row. Also running - today I ran 7 miles in the noon LA sun and almost broiled, took a break half way through to run into a AMPM and buy a power bar (ate half, 150 cals) and a 0 calorie energy drink. That got me enough juice to run back home. It took me all in 1:25 minutes.

Which timewise still sucks, but I did enjoy the run.

Two days ago I did 5 miles in some 55 minutes, just as bad but I did have fun :)
The great thing is that I also am reading a wonderful book called Born to Run. If you like running you need to read this book.

The picture above is part of the ones I took when in Vancouver. As usual I took with with my Nikon D90.

Till next!