Running Ronin

Running not in Shibuya

Finally got to run again. Ran twice in the last 3 days, 3 miles on Monday (31 minutes) and 4 miles today (42 minutes). The new book I'm listening to is Linked. If you want to understand the internet, you need to read this.

The above picture was taken in Shibuya in front ot the Oicity department store last May. I recently managed to post produce it (it is always 3 picture melded in HDR). Notice the people and the ghosting... there were a LOT of people and the amount of stuff I had to remove in order to make movement (hopefully) come out while not being a mess made this a significant amount of work. On the bottom a less post produced version.

Which one do you prefer?

All these pictures were taken with my Nikon D90, HDRed in Photomatix Pro and post produced in Photoshop.

For a great tutorial on how to HDR, visit