Running Ronin

More Running, Pushups and Situps, not in Palinuro

While my relatives are out in Palinuro enjoying the awesome views, the great food and the beaches, I'm still here in the "greater Los Angeles area" trying to get fit.

As they take their expressos at the Bar Santa Caterina (view from the bar patio is above), I have just finished a 5.7 mile run in an hour. This is slightly better than my 6.5 mile rune I did last Sunday in 1:20.

Also pushing forward are my pushups... now I can manage 80 pushups in a row and I'm on week 6 of the 100 Pushups program.

I've finally added in some abs to my workouts. Not the "200 abs program", but just some 10 minutes of abs I do on off days from running.

Getting to 100 pushups is a goal I've given myself, but once obtained I think I will be happy to go back to some 50 pushups in a row. Training to get to 100 really tires me out :)

As much as I try to apply Caballo Blanco's "first start easy, cause if easy is all you get, it's good enough" to running, and it can somewhat work, it definitely does not work for the pushups... reptilian brain talking here...

I am also trying to train my feet and legs so that they dont get all busted. In the middle of my runs I normally get to a soccer field where I take off my shoes and run 3 or 4 laps barefoot. Gotta say, the day after I first tried it, muscles that shouldnt exist were all tensed up around and under my feet...

On another note, right above is a picture of an old Palinuro house at sunset. Now go run, cause I just got back :)