Running Ronin

Running in Cologne

Two airplanes, two traines and one taxi later, I have arrived to Cologne (Koln), Germany. And two things I can tell you: i) Delta still does not have in seat entertainment on most international flights; ii) Train stations in Germany smell like urine just like in all the rest of the world (just in Japan they don't).

Also a shocker.... everybody smokes in Cologne. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody. I saw a mother and her maybe 16 year old son enjoy a smoke at the train station. Then as I walked taking the photo above I saw scores of you teenagers with cigarettes in their hands and beers, chatting and having fun on the stairs to the Cathedral (depicted above).

Used to the US of A... this is quite insane, and reminds me of my Italian legacy.

That said, after getting here I went for a 40 minute run while listening to Next - another awesome book from the absolute genious mind of Michael Lewis. I was however trashed by jetlag, so I soon had to get back and prettty much pass out for a couple of hours.

The trip went well and there is something to be said of not knowing exactly how your are going to get to your hotel. No real adventure here, but getting off the plane and figuring out the trains, and jumping off and back on the trains as you understand to your horror that you got off at the wrong spot... its all quite refreshing. We are so used to have all canned and cooked for us that sometimes we just dont remember how liberating it can be to just feel a tad lost. And hence my love for the movie Lost in Translation...

On running... so many can run without a Garmin or a Nike-iPod motivating them... I really find it hard. I cant set the right pace and I always feel too slow. Wish I could address this some way, cause it is also quite nice sometimes to just run for fun and not for youyr