Running Ronin

No Running in Austin

Been to Austin for a few days for a conference, and it was not good for my body.
Conventions cause me to eat/drink/smoke - no joke. So I fell back into smoking for a couple of days, but at least I kept it at that, and have not had another one since back in LA.

Now I just need to start running again...

Question: I found a place where they do cross-fit and krav-maga and boxcerxise... seems nice, but they are asking for a load of money a month (like $150) and the same amount as initiation fee. Does that seem like too much???

I mean, what the hell does the initiation fee pay? What is it there for? Have gyms not learned anything on marketing and client acquisition? I do not think we are in the era of disposable income, so why make a potential new stream of revenue (a client) pay a tax to be part of the gym? I mean, it's not like I want to get into a country club, or something extremely exclusive....

Seriously, I dont understand.