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Shibuya Morning Model Photoshoot

One morning this January in Japan I got up really early (thanks jetlag) and went to the Shibuya Starbucks (the one everybody talk about from lost in translation - see a pic of it here).

Shibuya Model

I ended up witnessing a Shibuya model photoshoot. Photografers ran around the road, quickly setting up in the middle of the road sometimes, taking a few pics and then moving on.

Shibuya Model

Since it was freezing cold, they also had heaters.

Shibuya Model

The girls would quickly take off their jacket, strike a post, and then - shivering like nuts - get back into their big jacket.

Only in Shibuya.

Below is a quick composition I made with a few of the Sibuya Model photos I took. As it goes, its an experiment... non thrilled with it, but I think its "cute."

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