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When you look into the Trevi Fountain...

This is the de-noised cropped version of the Trevi Fountain photo I took from its right side on a sunny February Tuesday. See the fountain, but experience the people. What is going through their mind?

...Trevi Fountain also also looks into you.

This almost looks like a Where's Waldo photo and at the beginning I didnt even want to show the fountain, just observe what the people around the fountain do. There are a lot of people taking photos and eating, but also some people just looking at the fountain while listening to music. To the left the people form a river coming into the square... and it was a "non busy Tuesday morning."

This picture was taken with my Nikon D90 - its actually 6 photos - 3 for the left side (the people), 3 for the right. I then melded in HDR and did the people de-ghosting process I explained in my Via Frattina photo post

I have received some feedback on noise in my photos, so below is the same photo with less of a noise reduction and a bit more of the original cropping. Less noise seems to give more texture, and maybe the additional sides of the photo widen the view... but when is it too much? Which one do you prefer?

This is a picture I took of the people in front of the Trevi Fountain. Its 6 photos, left side is 3, right side another 3, melded in HDR then stitched together.. I did not reduce noise on this picture. Thoughts?

But seriously... Think about how many people the statues of the Trevi Fountain have seen over the century. People throwing coins in, tourists sweating on their ice creams, ice creamse dripping into the water, hot feet soaking, dirty feat soaking, people splashing their armpits... argh!

Well -  a lot better to think about hot ladies taking baths and yelling "Marcello!", 

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