Running Ronin

Blue Me, Myself and I

This above is me taking a photo - I wonder if you can understand where I am and what I'm reflecting in based on the photo...

Well... can you?
If you can't here is a bit of a hint on what I'm reflecting into...

"Warning: Choking Hazard: Children under 8 yrs. can choke or suffocate..."

Know what this is normally written on...

Have a hint?

Well it's a balloon...

    ...with ears....

        ...from the happiest place on earth :)

The photo below was taken a few weeks ago in Disneyland, on a day we ran to Anaheim to get out of the west side LA gloom. The photo was a single shot NEF, tonemapped and then post produced a bit. I used something on top of Topaz here... Nothing fancy, and will talk about it more soon. :)

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So, had you figured it out? If so, what gave away Disneyland or the balloon - if not, what did you think it was? :)


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