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Dinner Boats in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, Dinner Boats

One of the coolest things they have in Tokyo, is boat dinners - which you can take on tatami covered boats called Yakatabune:
Yakatabune are small ships equipped for dinner service and parties where guests lounge on tatami mats.
Often referred to as Japanese "pleasure boats", yakatabune have been around since the Edo Period (1603-1868). Back then, ornate yakatabune were a fixture of the upper echelons of Japanese society, with the likes of feudal lords and wealthy merchants using them for sophisticated activities like viewing cherry blossoms or reciting haiku poems while gently floating down a river.
The photo above I took right before getting on one of those boats. I honestly dont remember the precise service I used, but I've been on a couple till now with a good Japanese friend of mine, and the dinners were amazing. Mainly comprising sashimi and some absolutely awesome tempura, you also get to drink as much as you want of some really good beers and sake :) - see below

The prices run around 100-130 US dollars per person, so its a bit pricey, but not crazy. The boats I took cruised around the bay and then stopped in Odaiba - where you can see the all famous Japanese Statue of Liberty... Ok, that is possibly the only thing in Tokyo I think is fairly lame :)
However, the Statue of Liberty is so small you almost cant see it, and the spectacle of all the Yakatabune "parked", with their lanterns reflecting on the water, is quite amazing.

Ever been on a boat meal?


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