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Give them Cake!

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Do you like Cake?
Well, I have a sweet tooth myself, so I regularly visit the bakery in Main Street, USA, Disneyland.
This is a photo of the goods, in HDR - last time I visited I got the cinnamon swirl.

The photo was, as usual, taken with my Nikon D90, HDRed in Photomatix Pro, and then given an bit of a detail veneer in Topaz Adjust.

You might notice some ghosting - as I did not layering for the barman (who moved slightly) and I was taking the photos needed without a tripod. Let's be honest, for real high quality HDR you NEED a tripod and I probably would have been better off tonemapping from a single raw file.

However, if you do go to Disneyland, you HAVE TO go to one of the churro stands. The churro's at Disneyland (LA) are to die for, light and crispy and absolutely not heavy on the stomach! Love em!!!

Btw - what are your favorite sweets when visiting Disneyland?