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Happy Father's Day from Dean and Deluca

Today, in Italy, it's Father's Day - also known as "la festa del Papa'."

After giving my dad a phone call I thought about what picture to post today, and I remembered I had a weird photo I took at Dean and Deluca in Georgetown (Washington D.C.) while my dad was buying some coffee. D&D has a small patio area on the side of the store, and in the winter they cover it - in the photo you can see how the glass (or plexiglass) panels give the whole place a weird Salvador Dali' effect as you see the D&D goods through the glass, but also the reflection of the building in front of the place.

The photo was taken with my usual HDR process and using my Nikon D90.

As usual, I had issues when deciding how to crop and compose this photo. Another version of it, with a wider shot, is below.

I ultimately decided to go "officially" with the one on the top, just cause the lack of other elements around the frame of the window panes gave (in my mind) more importance to the deformed reflections. I also enhanced some of the "psychedelic" effect... :)

Which one do you prefer?


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