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My Mini Akali Easy Strategy Guide

Yes, I love League of Legends! Recently, after the terrible events in Japan, the awesome guys from Riot games put for sale a Red Cross Nurse skin for the hero Akali,
with all revenues from it going to help Japan in its moment of need. Naturally I bought both Akali and the nurse skin.

Ever since, I've been playing only Akali. So this is a very quick and dirty strategy guide to using Akali, and what I do to get some pretty awesome killstreaks in League of Legends. Keep in mind, its a noob quick suggestion guide - for something more extensive go here.

For those more interested in how I put together the top photo, go to the end of the post.

So - for some easy peazy advice:
  1. As spells, select Exhaust and Flash.
  2. At the beginning of the game:
    • Buy the Long Sword
    • Select Mark of the Assassin as your ability
    • Tell your team to focus fire on a specific target - possibly the low-HP high-DPS hero on the other side. This might seem obvious, but a lot of PUGs never define who is target #1.
  3. Now do something very simple (in theory): farm creeps and stay out of trouble. Use your Mark of the Assassin to keep any adversaries at a distance from you and keep a wall of creeps between you and your adversaries. Akali is really lame before level 6 (where she gets Shadow Dance) but becomes deadly right after.
  4. As soon as you hit level 2 - learn Crescent Slash - this will make you kill creeps all the faster. 
  5. When you have enough gold, buy the Amplifying Tome right away, then your favorite speed boots.
  6. At level 3 pickup Twilight Shroud - this is is good for giving yourself some protective edge when attacking and to escape. I find this better to scare than to stop enemies (the slow down on enemies is minimal). When you need to run, drop it around you and be careful to not attack anything. Run some circles to avoid your adversaries and pick the direction they are NOT heading :)
  7. As soon as level 6 comes around pickup your ultimate Shadow Dance and become deadly. Shadow Dance pretty much grants you up to 3 flying kicks that teleport you to your enemy. This is great to deliver that final blow or surprising enemies that are behind magic or creep barriers.
  8. In terms of objects, build up SPEED, LIFESTEAL, HEALTH and DAMAGE. Everybody loves their own end game build, so just experiment. A lot of fun here.
  9. In terms of gameplay on Twisted Treeline, stay mobile. If you are solo on top, cover the top till you kill your adversary or move him back to his tower, then go MIA, run bottom and help your companions finish their adversaries. Go back top, rinse and repeat. 
  10. Be careful, as Akali, you ARE SQUISHY. 
  11. You are a good finisher, but a really BAD initiator.
  12. If you need to roll with someone, roll with a tank or a fighter and stay BEHIND him unless you are hunting down fleeing kills.
  13. As soon as you kill someone, RUN BACK and buy upgrades. Akali needs upgrades. No waiting, no extra kill... buy them items, fool!
  14. Dont tank towers and dont get suckered into tower pulls. If an enemy is next to a tower, you might finish him, but there is a HUGE change the tower will nuke you through your flimsy ninja outfit.
  15. Finally, be prepared for some rage quitters, when you Shadow Dance yourself to them, smack them around and see them flee, just to finish them with another Shadow Dance flying kick.
Thats it! Have fun! 

So - for those used to my usual photo posts, the photo at the top was inspired by the whole "lady ninja" theme.
To put together that photo I...
  • took a portrait of a very good looking subject, and processed her through Topaz Clean - flattening the details but keeping some punch.
  • Then I went into Topaz Simplify and gave her the wood carved look you can see.
  • The flag in the background was reworked using onOne Photoframe tool, to give it a brick texture. 
  • Then I layered the photos in Photoshop and once I had the final composed, with the portrait against the flag, I went ahead and used onOne Photoframe once again to give the whole photo that textured frame.

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