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Narita Airplane

For those who like planes, I took this shot from inside of Narita airport last January. I have absolutely no clue what kind of airplane it is, and it was not the one I was going to leave on.

I tend to get anxious when I'm going to take a plane, I'm especially always thinking I'm going to be late. So I end up at airports way in advance. That's cool too, cause now with Internet anywhere you can work or game even from on top of a plane! In this case I wandered Narita for a bit looking for a good photo to take :)

The photo was actually generate by a single raw, which I tonemapped in Photomatix, then extracted detail in Topaz.

Below are a few other pics of the same subject.

1) In this one I added excessive detail - imho.
2) This one has a different cropping - composition is always a head scratcher for me.

3) This one was actually made using the typical HDR process - from 3 shots. I actually preferred and went with the single tonemapped raw you saw at the far top.

Have any clue what airplane this is?
On unrelated news - I finally got back to running and training and am on my LA non-smoking mode :)

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