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People of Shibuya

Last time I was in Tokyo I did a few instances of people shooting (with my Nikon D90 - no bang bangs). It's a fun story to watch what goes on in the busy Shibuya square, probably every day of the year (festivities included!).

This post is not about the crazy way some Shibuya youths dress, nor is it about anything surprising. This post is about the Japanese ordinary. In this post you'll see people work or go to work, have a smoke, cross the street, ride a bike, or simply walk around lost in their thoughts. You've been there too...  but maybe not in Shibuya.

Below is how it starts. We are all lined up, waiting for the light to become green so we can cross. Most of us probably got off the metro, some of us have a cold - and are respectfully wearing a cough mask.

We listen to music, we think of what is ahead.

We wander around and ask for a few yen, but very politely. And if you gave me too much, we might give back some change (true story!) - and we don't accept smokes, we just want a coffee.

We pick up our daughter after she fell in the middle of the crossing, laughing cause she is such a klutz, and maybe also to avoid her getting worked up.

Something might be on our mind...

Or we might be listening to Tchaikovsky.

We find no issue in plugging in the iPhone earbuds between the mask straps, even if they sometimes get tangled. Who cares, we're definitely in a rush.

We're working, please take this - even if you're not really interested or cant even understand what's written on it.

A good smoke gives us a break while we get somewhere, not understanding how cute our hat is.

Twenty yards above everybody else, we wonder if it would be the right time to shave.

Before getting into the Shibuya 109 to start selling our typical Shibuya clothing, we really need this smoke.

We get around.

...and around.

But we never are unwired - the data stream is constant.

And sometimes we need to work even if we are pretty.

The metro might be too crowded, or we might just be a bit tired. A cab is better. Incredibly its really clean. Not incredibly for Shibuya.

Someones taking photos!!! Let's strike a pose.

And possibly avoid the next chtochkie handout.

Cause its getting late - and I'm tired.

Need to be somewhere.

Get an awesome hat like that guy on the left.

And try to not get into trouble.

Cause we really are badasses!

But the world still seems to us a beautiful place.

Especially in Shibuya.
All photos shown were shot as is with a my 55-300 lens, mostly at 300. No cropping, post producing, etc, was used. For those who know me, that's not the norm.
Hope you liked the photo tour, I really enjoyed my stay in Shibuya. Which photo did you like (or dislike) most? :)

More photos of the people of Shibuya are here.

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