Running Ronin

Tokyo Dark Night

The picture above was taken in September from the top of the Cerulean tower, in Shibuya. The Cerulean is a massive skyscraper hotel and the rooms are really amazing. I centered that building you see in the middle for no particular reason other that it made me think about Neuromancer - a great book, but especially one of my favorite video games (of all time - back on the C64).

For those who care, I'm finally back on track with my working out - and I do have to remember to get to the gym by 7:30 am if I want to avoid 10,000 sweaty gym-zombies attacking me from every workout station. That said, as soon as the weather dries up again, I need to get back into running... hah... Smokes are back down to their LA low, which is good.

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