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The Twin Suns Set over San Francisco

While I'm not sure whether planet Coruscant possesses twin suns, this might be something it could look like if it did. The photo is actually composed using 5 shots at a 1 stop exposure difference (dont know if I'm using the correct terms, but correct terms are for Java).

The sky effect came quite nice - especially the sun seemingly divided in two and the liquid quality of the cloud carpet. But... (there is always a but) I'm not a fan of the blue hue on the building.

Also, while these panoramic shots are enjoyable, they lack something, imho. I mean, I would love to have this photo as a background shot to something I can get up close to. But just to have it this wide and "distant" gives me a bit of a poster feel sometimes.  As you might know, (yes you two, the wookie and the human from Tatooine) I'm starting to like more the photos where I can see some energy - possibly human energy - like this one of Shibuya Square. Where Newtonian physics come into play and the photo makes you wonder what happened a second before, and what is going to happen in a second.


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Edith said...

I like the blue. It gives the city a sort of "hospital" look, as if there's a statement about the sterility and vulnerability of cities, and the contrast with the threatening beauty of nature in the background.