Running Ronin

Union Square Traffic

Photo of the Day: Union Square in NY, while the cars are rushing at me (almost). The photo was taken in November 2010 (Nikon D90, + Photomatix + Topaz Adjust)
In a similar way to what I did with some of my night pics of Shibuya, the led screens were overlaid in photoshop using the image from the HDR trio I preferred (the darkest one).
Also, see how the Marriott sign pops to the left? Also overlaid in.
The one big negative for me in this photo is the top right - where the building has a damn halo. Some people are OK with halos - I hate them :)
What I like instead is the WOW sigh on the bus - it does feel very christmassy :)

Where were you this Christmas? Any good photos to share?

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