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Ye Olde Battle: LA Bus in Downtown San Francisco

Looking through some vintage sketches I found the above picture... NOT! (Yeah, I know its lame to use the "NOT" thing, but let's just pretend its cool and roll with it).

The photo was actually created by tonemapping a single NEF (or Raw) image from a shot I took with my Nikon D90, using the basic kit lense (18-100mm) at 18mm. You can see the initial result

I then proceeded to tonemap the photo using Photomatix Pro - yes, I tonemapped a single raw photo, and didnt do the whole HDR process (the bus was gunning for it way to fast). Result is below.

I then had to layer in the original sky - as my initial plan was just to get some detail pop in the photo.

With this addition I started to think it would be nice to give it an "artisan" and older kind of look. So I played around in topaz to give it the color sketch look you see below.

I finally proceeded to make the bus pop a bit by layering 30% of its detailed version through the color sketch.

I avoided de-noising as I liked the the granular effect the noise generated gave to the photo.

Which version do you like most - if you like em at all? :)
The one thing I do not like too much of this photo is the lack of people... or at least the apparent. But once you look closer, its fun to see the faces in the bus, imho.

By the way - are you going to see Battle: LA? I will :)


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