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Hasedera Temple Single Tonemapped vs HDR

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Above is a photo of the Hasedera, near Kamakura (Japan), where the statue of Kannon resides - goddess of mercy. For those who have never been to Kamakura, you really need to go there. It was one of the ancient capitals of Japan, before Edo/Tokyo, and is considered a "small Kyoto" cause its full of temples and wonderful hikes. The added benefit, is that if you are staying in Tokyo, it's only
one hour away... which makes it an awesome day trip.

The photo above was:
The uncropped HDR photo is below:

As you can see there is quite some ghosting next to the people. I almost removed it by layering, but couldnt layer too much cause I was disrupting the color/tone consistency of the tiles and stairs.

A way around ghosting is to use a single RAW file and tonemap it...

Below is a single RAW tonemapped photo (example process here) with a slightly different cropping and all the same post production in Topaz.

While tonemapping a single raw file in some cases works great and in this case the people lost their ghosting, we also lost in a lot of the info that makes some of the detail not only pop more, but that also gives texture a more tact-like feel.

Closer up you can see more the difference - the closeup below is in HDR:

The closeup below is the single RAW image, tonemapped:

So, which one do you prefer? The HDR Hasedera temple, or the single file raw?

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