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ShiftN Photo Straightener - Tested on the Reflecting Pool

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Thanks to one of my phorum members from Photocamel (thanks again Stiga!) I discovered an awesome program called ShiftN you can use to straighten and crop photos. This comes in especially handy when you have some sort of distortion or line that need to be very straight... like the photo above.

First of all, ShiftN is free and you can just google it and download it.

Once you have on your PC (sorry have no clue if there is one for Macs) let's check out how it works. As an example here below is the photo of the Washington Monument on the Reflecting Pool you can see above... but before going through ShiftN.

As you can notice, the monument is slightly pointing towards 11 o'clock and not straight at 12... Let's see how ShiftN can fix this. First we can open ShiftN up and open the photo... see below:

Step 2 is really easy - go ahead and hit "Automatic Correction" on the top left. ShiftN will summon some computer goblins who will do their magic behind the scenes. You will then see the result to the left and an interesting line analysis to the right.

You might notice the areas that have been adjusted on the top right and bottom left. Also, now the Washington Monument looks like it just received a massive dose of some blue pills with the result it points straight at 12 o'clock.

And tadaaaaa...
Now I have a photo people wont laugh at me about :)

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This photo was:

Shot with my Nikon D90

HDRed with Photomatix Pro from a set of 3 photos
Layered in Photoshop CS4 to remove ghosting

Detail Enhanced in Topaz Detail
Denoised in Topaz Denoise
Finally I used ShiftN to straighten and crop the photo

If you end up using it, let me know your thoughts on ShiftN!


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