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This is the famous Shibuya Square, as viewed looking at the Shibuya 109. To the right, the Qfront building where the crew of Lost in Translation used to shoot from (second floor Starbucks). For those unlucky enough to see Resident Evil: Afterlife, the first sniper killed in the movie was shooting from right on top of the 109.

As you know I like taking photos in HDR, and have people be part of them... like the photo above of Shibuya Square.... or the one below of the Trevi Fountain:

Hi and thanks for visiting my gallery page! These photos are from my travels (I travel a lot for work) - if you want to learn more about how I take these shots and who I learn from, visit is the de-noised cropped version of the Trevi Fountain photo I took from its right side on a sunny February Tuesday. See the fountain, but experience the people. What is going through their mind?

That said, I do like looking at what people take HDR photos of... so below are some good examples of HDR applied against a very different array of photos from what I normally do. All are stunning for very different reasons!

As you can see there are cars, dramatic moving panoramas, classic postcard panoramas, macro/close-ups, etc...

Which ones do you prefer?

Author: Desirae (Dezz):

Author: Alexandre Roda

Author: Trey Ratcliff

Author:  Paulo Barcellos Jr

Author: Shoebappa

Author: Cavez

Author: Robert Himler

More great photos at smashingmagazine.

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Andrea said...

I like the sky by Alexandre Roda and the Blade Runner-style by Paulo Barcellos Jr... but most of them I like your Shibuya pic! ;)