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ProShow Web tested on Tokyo

Shibuya Square, from under the bridge between the station and the Hotel Excel Tokyu. I always really loved when the Qfront tree showed on the building, so I waited for it to come back up :)Hi and thanks for visiting my gallery page! These photos are from my travels (I travel a lot for work) - if you want to learn more about how I take these shots and who I learn from, visit edit

Just tried out using the simplest version of ProShow Web to turn my photos into a slideshow. ProShow  Web does most of the work for you :)

I tested it on my May Tokyo Escape gallery (above is one of the photos) and below is the result from whopping 5 minutes of work.

The program is free for movies up to 15 photos. You can pay $30 a year to get DVD quality and a lot more photos. Or you can $150 a year (or $25 a month) for 1080i and a lot of bells and whistles - see the Pro Show Web price/feature page for more details. If I decide to buy this, I'll update you on my thoughts.

But in the meantime, I think the free version is a pretty good deal :)

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