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Asakusa Senso-Ji

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Above is the Senso-Ji in Asakusa - in September. It's a pretty trafficked area, with lots of tourists, both from Japan and from abroad. Asakusa is a great place to do some temple sightseeing and to visit the permanent open-market area where you can do some light shopping (for a lot of touristy stuff, really).

Interesting to think that this is not the same building it was at the beginning of the century... see below...
From Wikipedia

Sensō-ji (金龍山浅草寺 Kinryū-zan Sensō-ji) is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo. It is Tokyo's oldest temple, and one of its most significant. Formerly associated with the Tendai sect, it became independent after World War II. Adjacent to the temple is a Shinto shrine, the Asakusa Shrine.
Below you can see how the same area was some time ago, during the Taisho period (1916-1926).
As you can see there are some differences in the building due to the WWII bombings.

As for the details: the Photo was:
  • Shot with my Nikon D90
  • HDRed with Photomatix Pro from a set of 3 photo 
  • Deghosted in Photomatix Pro using the semi-manual deghosting option
  • Layered in Photoshop to fix final ghosting issues - see a more detailed example here.
  • Detail Enhanced in Topaz Adjust - Medium Detail setting with slight color enhancing
  • Denoised in Topaz Denoise - Strong setting
  • Straightened with ShiftN then recropped for a more square cropping.

Non Ronin photo source: here.

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