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Cologne Dome Piano Man

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11 months ago I was in Cologne and took this photo in front of the Cologne Dome. My only regret is that I really dont like the job that Photomatix's semi-automatic deghosting does...

On the positive note, if you are a beer fan, Cologne is the place for you.  Their specialy, Kölsch beer, is a light and awesome brew that is served in long but thin glasses. From wikipedia:
It is a clear beer with a bright straw-yellow hue, and it has a prominent, but not extreme, hoppiness. It is less bitter than the standard German pale lager.
 It's pretty much awesome.

You can drink these small glasses quickly, and normally waiters do a great job in refilling really fast, by carrying many glasses around on specially designed bucket-trays.

What's your favorite beer? :)

As for the details, the Ronin Photo was:
  • Shot with my Nikon D90 at dusk in january
  • HDRed with Photomatix Pro from a set of 3 photos
  • Deghosted in Photomatix Pro using the semi-manual deghosting option
  • Layered in Photoshop to fix final ghosting issues - see a more detailed example here.
  • Detail Enhanced in Topaz Adjust - Medium Detail setting with slight color enhancing
  • Denoised in Topaz Denoise - Strong setting
  • Straightened with ShiftN then recropped for a more square cropping.

Non Ronin photo sources: here and here.

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