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Omotesando I Presume

Hi and thanks for visiting my gallery page! These photos are from my travels (I travel a lot for work) - if you want to learn more about how I take these shots and who I learn from, visit

This is a photo of Omotesando crossing (I presume). When I take these wide area photos with a lot of people in them I wish I had a camera with more mega pixels. The most interesting thing about photos like these ones (other examples: New York, Ortisei, Rome)  is that you can explore them for interesting items, people and expressions. And if the photo was particularly successful, you will want to look at it again some time later and find even more details...

Some examples that can come from just a good zoom in:

Are these guys checking this girl out?

Or were they checking this other girl out? Or were they looking at what the two guys in the background seem to be observing with some surprise?

Noticed the traffic agent policing the crossing with his light-saber?

Or how funky the sleeves on the bicyclist's jacket came out? Must have had some odd reflection...

 The restaurant on the top floor of the cental building? Yakiniku... yum.

Also, it was the end of January, but there were still some X-mas reefs around.

Finally, what an interesting color for public transportation.

 Do you have photos you like observing for details?

As for the details: the Photo was:
  • Shot with my Nikon D90 at dusk in january
  • HDRed with Photomatix Pro from a set of 3 photos
  • Deghosted in Photomatix Pro using the semi-manual deghosting option
  • Layered in Photoshop to fix final ghosting issues - see a more detailed example here.
  • Detail Enhanced in Topaz Adjust - Medium Detail setting with slight color enhancing
  • Denoised in Topaz Denoise - Strong setting
  • Straightened with ShiftN then recropped for a more square cropping.


OneBACo said...

I must understand you didn't upgrade your camera yet. What are you waiting for? It looks like your craft is being limited by the camera, which means it's time to "suit up", as Barney would say!

RR* said...

First I need some 3 grand to spare :)