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The Temple of Hera

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Quick post/photo from my recent travels. This is Paestum, and what you are seeing is (should be?) the 2nd Temple of Hera in the city.

I will talk more about Paestum in a later post... but do you know who Hera is? Also known as Juno (in Rome), she is the "constantly angry" wife (and older sister!!!) of Zeus, father of the gods. The fact he used to sleep with anything that breathed and had breasts is probably the reason for such aforementioned anger.

Some interesting notes from crystalinks:
Though Zeus is often called Zeus Heraios ("Zeus, consort of Hera"), Homer's treatment of Hera is less than respectful, and in late anecdotal versions of the myths she appeared to spend most of her time plotting revenge on the nymphs seduced by her Consort, for Hera upheld all the old right rules of Hellene society and sorority.
And we can see below how Hera (and Zeus) were portrayed in a famous Japanese anime known as Pollon (full title Ochamegami Monogatari Korokoro Poron).

Hera was born of Cronos and Rhea, and was abruptly swallowed after birth due to a prophecy that one of Cronos's children will take over his throne. Zeus was spared and when he grew older he saved all of his siblings, then banished Cronos, because the gods were immortal and could not be killed.

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