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Manfrotto MKC3-H01

One of my cheap Manfrotto tripods... cheap and awesome!

I got the Manfrotto MKC3-H01 recently. It's a compact, super light tripod - while versatile, its main focus is being light and small.

Here is my quick review. I dont know what professionals review tripods on, but I'll give it my best shot.

Travel-friendly: 9.5/10 - it's small enough that I can break it into two parts and put it into my backpack or even some of my computer bags. Gets on a plane, no problemo.

Lightness: 10/10 - super-light!!! you can walk around for hours with this thing and not even know you have it strapped to your backpack.

Head: 6/10 - the fact such a compact tripod actually has a head its a plus, but the gun system is on the plasticky cheap side. When I block the head in position by tightening its top wheel, I'm almost afraid I could break it. But it does its job for its price.

Legs: 7/10 - I like Manfrotto legs a lot. Each leg is attached directly to the top of the tripod, with no extra "mid leg" connections. This makes it easier to use the tripod on uneven surfaces. When you open the claps the legs slide out easy enough (but definitely not with the elegance of more upper scale manfrotto's, like my Manfrotto 7322YB-BB).

Vibrations: 4/10 - yeah, vibrations and wind are not a friend of this tripod.

Overall Quality: for travel 8.0/10. Its small, easy to use, and light. A great travel tripod with an awesome price/quality ratio.

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