Running Ronin

Sunrise in Palinuro

The port of palinuro at sunrise.

Wake up at 5:45... go looking for a "bar" in downtown palinuro ("in paese") where I can get a croissant ("cornetto") and a expresso with a hint of warm milk in it ("eSpresso macchiato"). The run over to the port to take some sunrise photos of the boats and the inland... just to find that I had to drive around a small fire on the cape...

Sunrise at the port of Palinuro.

Boats and fire at the Palinuro Port.

And then up I go with my small Toyota Yaris... up to the top of the cape to see the view from the famous Palinuro Lighthouse. Little do I know I drive my car so far up that there is no way to turn it around... so now I have to rear it down a crazy steep road from the 60's where the drop off on each side is quite spectatular (and scary)...

The view of the road that brings up to the Palinuro Lighthouse. One piece of advice, dont drive your car up here... you'll never turn it around.

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