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iPhone 4S in New York

The above shot was taken with an iPhone from inside the Apple store next to Central Park :). Next time you are there just look up to have this view...

I've been using a long list of iPhone Apps around the world ever since I got my iPhone 4S. Been instragamming them quite a bit too :) (find me @runningronin on One of my recent trips had me in New York, where I mainly used the following apps to take photos:
1) Stock camera app to capture single photos - that is what the iPhone comes loaded in with.,
2) Bracketmode to take to quick HDR shots. I use bracketmode as it is faster than other HDR programs in understanding the lighting and taking the shots.
3) HDR Pro to put together bracketed shots.
4) Snapspeed to play with the photos, increase detail and drama where needed.

Below are a set of potos taken between Midtown and Central Park in New York this winter :)
Keep in mind, these photos are in "instagram" version of what shot with the iPhone - hence their file size is around 100K rather than 1 Meg :)

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