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6 Reasons why is awesome

I listen to audiobooks as much as I can - I seriously fill every waiting/empty moment either with audiobooks or video game social apps. This gives me a chance to read books even when I'm very busy, I'm driving, or I'm simple in a queue.

But even with that in mind, here are 6 reasons for which anybody who loves books should consider subscribing to

1) It's convenient. Books are expensive, audiobooks are even MORE expensive. With a subscription to you get to chose 2 books each month, and you pay $23 a month. This breaks down to:

  • the lowest average prices for audiobooks I've seen out there and a very competitive one even when compared to books (both digital and paper). For example, you could get Mistborn on iTunes for $40, or use 1 of your monthly credits - an equivalent of $11.50.
  • If books are an average of 10 hours long - you are paying 1 dollar for each hour of entertainment. That is a very competitive place to be, but even better... if you listen to books that are like 30-50 hours long, you really get your bang for the buck.
2) Huge Library. Audible has over 100K titles! And each month you get to choose 2 to listen to!

3) Discounts: on top of extremely low prices, Audible also gives its subscribers access to regular discounts on books that make buying additional books over the 2 allotted ones per month very easy.

4) A great community. The Audible community is also very well knit and offers detailed reviews. I always use them when choosing books that I'm "testing on my skin" (aka, when the book was not referred by a friend). I've never had a bad book when the average rating was above 4 stars! One piece of advice: pay a lot of attention to "narrator reviews" - the book might be a masterpiece, but if the narrator is getting bad reviews it will ruin the book for you.

5) Accessibility. if you have a smartphone, a computer, a iPod or anything you can load MP3s into, you have access to Audible. The website is easy to use, and it makes setting up your listening device just that simple.

6) The perfect solution for staying updated and interesting. In this day and age where we are often busy, we have long commutes or we need to cut out times to workout, it's important to use all the time we have to stay updated. Books are the necessary exercise our brain needs, they keep us up to speed and interesting - but they eat into our already dwindling free time. With Audible you can get books, newspapers, and even univeristy lectures sent directly into your headphones. You dont need to have your hands free, or fiddle with apps, you don't need use your eyes to read. You just need to press play and enjoy.

As for me, I've subscribed to Audible in 2003 and can honestly say the subscription has been worth every penny and has offered me endless entertainment.

If you like books and are not on Audible, I strongly suggest you subscribe. It's a great value proposition and you end up spending so little $$ in terms of "entertainment by the hour" that its well worth it. Their library is well stacked and some books actually have absolutely awesome acting/narrating renditions (like World War Z).

Ethical statement: I get absolutely nothing from anybody for recommending Audible. Its just an awesome product.

Note: Photo at the top was taken in Shibuya Square, October 2011.