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Palinuro Sunset

A sunset in the Cilento Coast, from Palinuro, Italy. Taken with my Nikon D90 - for more photos of Italy, visit

I took this photo in July in Palinuro, in the Cilento Coast. Still not made famous by a movie (like Under the Tuscan Sun with Tuscany and Positano) or an actor buying a huge villa (like George Clooney on Lake Como), the Cilento coast is on the shin of the Italian book, right after the Amalfi coast.

Great food, great sea towns and great water. Oh and the beautiful "grotta azzurra". Just think twice if you want to go scuba diving on the blue cavern, cause a lot of expert and less-so divers have lost their lives in that treacherous network of underground caverns that make the "grotta azzurra".

Photo was taken with my Nikon D90 - normal shot (no HDR). I touched it up with Topaz Adjust - going for the classid "mild details" preset, then removed noise with Topaz Denoise.



Felicity Mozdzen said...

When I go to the countryside, I love taking photos of sunsets on perth gazebos. I love how the orange light hovers around the greenfield like a soft blanket tucking an infant to sleep.

enigmas said...

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