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Miyazaki's most successful movie you didn't know about

If you ever thought that "Castle in the Sky" was Miyazaki-San's most successful movie, you were unfortunately (like me) mistaken. 

"Princess Mononoke" you say? Wrong.

His most successful movie, to date, is...

Spirited Away. 

The movie's list of achievements is incredible. It is:
  • the first film to gross $200 million worldwide before opening in North America (264MM to be precise of which over 96% overseas).
  • the first film to finally overtake Titanic at the Japanese box office, becoming the top grossing film in the history of Japanese cinema; 
  • the only anime winner of an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, 
  • the only winner to be made outside the English-speaking world; 
  • the only traditionally-animated winner of an Academy award for Best Animated Feature.
  • achieves a whopping 97% fresh tomato score.
However, Rotten Tomato disagrees from the critique point of view - where the clear winner is Kiki's Delivery Service with 100% Fresh Tomato score.

Incredibly, Miyazaki-San's movies average an above 90% fresh tomato score. This is a stunning achievement.

My personal favorites are the Castle of Cagliostro (me Lupin III fan) and Howl's Moving Castle.

So which Myazaki movie are you going to watch tonight? Or are you going to visit Studio Ghibli in Japan soon (here some advice on getting those difficult to find tickets)?

As for these photos, I took them at Studio Ghibli. Post processed them to give them a bit more of a cartoony feel. This photo above was HDR'ed before going into the painterly effect. The below has only the painterly effect. All the original are far below on the post.

The original photos: