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Puppet & Master: Murray Monster & Joey Mazzarino

Yesterday it was the end of a rainy day in New York. Madison Square park was half flooded with puddles but finally the sun had started to come out. As I walk home from work, I see this huge blot of orange. You must know from the picture above who it was...

To my disbelief, Sesame Street legend Joey Mazzarino was shooting on location as the Murray Monster.

I almost passed out from the emotion, then started taking photos.

What comes to amaze are two things.

1) How Joey infuses his own expressions into those of the Murray Monster that seems so alive.
2) How the people on the set seem to be genuinely having a ton of fun.

That's how I always imagined Sesame Street (and the Muppets) - great awesome fun all around.

As somebody who actually cried when watching the last Muppets movie, I have to say - this celebrity spotting made my month. And the fact that I had my camera with me was a fortunate coincidence.

The contrast of the nuclear-like orange respect to the surrounding colors is amazing. 
Another Murray Monster puppet is getting a hat sown on.
I didnt expect Murray to be so big and so much of him normally off of the screen! 
Takes a full crew to make one monster.
The guy with the hat just made me.

Looks like Murray is signing something.
Below are some sequence shots that show how awesome the 1 to 1 relationship between puppet and master is.