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Takeshita Street with ShiftN

Took these photos of Takeshita street in Harajuku last year. As I used a wide angle lense, you can notice that there is quite some distorsio. I always use ShiftN (my old "how to" is here) to get rid of distorsion. It has a batch processing tool that makes it easy to apply to a variety of photos in a time-effective way.

Please note:
1) I think ShiftN works some 75% of the times. But you need to check your photos to see if you like the automatic output.
2) the best ShiftN results are the most subtle ones. If you get too much cropping and changing to the photos, it becomes weird.
3) The photo at the top of this post was not worked in ShiftN. It is an example, imho, of a photo I prefer as it was. The ShiftN result is the photo at the far bottom of this post.

Download ShiftN for free here.

You ever use ShiftN? Or any other tools to straighten your photos?

Entrance to Takeshita St as is.
Entrance to Takeshita St. with ShiftN.

McDonald's in Harajuku without ShiftN.

McDonald's in Harajuku with ShiftN

No ShiftN
Yes ShiftN

This is the same photo as the one on the top of the post. As you can see ShiftN has done a lot of straightening and cropping. All is nice and straight, but you lose that feeling of the city around you.