Running Ronin

Walk through Tsukiji

The motorized trolleys are fast. Some vendors tell you to not take pictures. Others greet you with open arms. Odd shellfish spit seawater from basins, while all around water is spilled, huge tunas (as big as torpedoes) are getting filleted and the smell of the sea rules.

Visiting Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is a must for any tourist and a right of initiation into sushi. Just keep in mind, the locals are actually working. So check out their rules, and dont get in the way.
You will be definitely run the risk of being over by one of the many motorized trolleys.

But smoking while standing still is fine :)

Looks like a Predator?

Looks even more like a Predator!

Looks like this guy is expert at something - unfortunately I coulkd not get closer. Know what he's doing?

I wonder, do they cut them to look like that?

Already breaded but still alive.

Right name and right shirts to be an Italian restaurant.