Running Ronin

The biggest mistake you can make when at the beach

Easily said, changing your lenses.
This photo (taken in Palinuro, Italy) shows all the particles that hit the sensor of my Nex 7 after having its sensor vulnerable for no more than 10 seconds. And I did the change out of the trunk of my car, not actually at the beach. I don't actually know if it was more the sand or the some of the pollen from all the vegetation that grows in Southern Italy, but the effect is the same. The photo looks like it has chicken pocks.

And as much as I like some post production, I'm not a fan of making massive clone stamping in photoshop (results below) and I'm not really good at it. All in all, quite a few photos were harmed this day :)

Advice to myself for the future: 

  1. stick to one lens or bring an extra camera.
  2. a good portable blower (like this one) to clean the sensor if the need arises (no blowing/spitting into my sensor!)