Running Ronin

DIY Smart Helmet

When it comes to skii helmets and visors, there are a few choices one can make if you want them to be "smart."

On the goggles side, you can always fork over +$600 and get the Smith Optics Recon Goggles or the Oakley Airwaves. These are interesting choices if you are also looking for a lot of analytics and a in visor HUD that makes you feel like Robocop.

As for my "poor man's" smart-helmet, I simply put it together using stuff that while still expensive can be used in a variety of situations.
  • A K2 helmet with integrated audio - like the K2 Rival. The audio quality is great and the K2 makes helmets that fit my oversized cranium.
  • A Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition - so I can take all the photos I want. I normally keep it on my helmet, but in some cases I attach it to a skiing pole. If you are buying this, I suggest you go with the 3 and NOT the 3+ unless you like to have a very narrow depth of field.
  • My iPhone (but any smartphone will do) with some of my favorite music. Yo-Yo Ma is today's selection.
  • The Recon mod is the final optional if you want to add a HUD into the shebang, but I can live without it :)