Running Ronin

The well known Nikon Sukiya Camera Store in Ginza, Tokyo. If there, visit.
The mountains, somewhere in north-east Italy...
I hear all the palm trees have died in Rome.
Is he cleaning his truck's tires or the road?
I actually love this ride, even if its considered one of the less "adrenaline" rides of Disneyland.  Burst shot as hit hi...
Sometimes, you deserve a bit of London in LA.
We want you, for my nerd shelf. And yes, you are the droid we are looking for.
Common, but always fascinating.
Had no idea you could actually visit one of the retired Air Force One's. This one is at the Reagan Library, near LA in California. ...
A sunny and crisp day in London.
Something about gazing off from a bridge in Paris.
A festival in Tokyo, Japan - during a fantastic walkabout with Dave Powell of ShootTokyo  fame.
Paris, France, near the Ile de la Cite' - October.